Numbers or text as value to safe

Hi there
When I save some answer options, I can either add number/s or text to do so. When I use a number, can I still use the command “text value equals” or do I need to use the command “calculated value equals” to send the corresponding next dialogue?


Dear Sandi,

Thanks for your question. And yes, if the “text values equals” comparator is used, then the value (be it a number or text) is interpreted as as string / text. So, this would work. I would always recommend to use very clear codes after the colon in answer options. For example, if the answer options represent Likert-scale answers and you will do some calculations afterwards (e.g. in R, Python, Matlab, or SPSS), go for integer values (e.g. “strongly agree:7”). By contrast, use a text value if the answer options represent some coaching sessions the participants should select (e.g. “I want to know more about sleep hygiene:sleepHygiene”).

I hope this helps.

Best, Tobi