We are stuck on first step - adding participants

Dear, all, is there any description on how to add participants to the intervention?
I reviewed the videos on vimeo, but it is where Tobias said “well this part might not be relevant for the course”. :).

So I wonder how to do it. We just started, with a server, and two install of the ios app.

A new participant is created when the app is opened for the first time. Are you able to connect your app and get messages?

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Well, so far, yes, but we are in pilot, sideloading app (using UDID), not yet in app store.

So, our question is: once in the app store, how do we add participants to an intervention? how do we avoid that they go to an intervention without being assigned?

You can design a small micro dialog with a question that asks the user for a password. The micro dialog would continue to the exact intervention only if the password is correct. You can send the password (via. Eg. Email) to only the users (participants) that you assign.

In this way you can avoid any random encountering the app in the store to start the intervention. Does this help?