Typing speed + response delay coach

I have two questions regarding the response speed of the coach for my manipulation:

  1. Would it be possible to manipulate the typing speed of the coach between conditions?
  2. How could I programme a delay between the answer of the user and the response of the coach? To make it more “human-like” the coach should respond after a few minutes (as a human being would not be likely to answer immediately after the user has sent a message.)
  1. Currently, the coaching speed is hardcoded in the mobile application. So, it cannot be changed dynamically when a condition becomes true in the MC Designer. We will take it as a feature request for future updates.
  2. To have additional delay, we can use the command “wait x” as part of the Micro-Dialog the MC Designer. Here, x is an integer denoting seconds. The dialog waits for x seconds at the position of “wait x” before showing the next message. Example, “wait 3” creates a wait for 3 seconds before the next message in the dialog is shown.