Storing free text (raw) input as a variable

Hi all,

I started learning MobileCoach (MC) recently. Below is a question about MC that I asked and the solution I received, in case it is helpful to you :smile:

I was trying to implement the dialogue below (lines starting with β€˜>’), and encountered some unexpected relating to $participantName as shown in the screenshots below. The $participantName was not saved exactly as my input text: the input text were all converted to the lower case and symbols except for β€˜-’ were all converted as β€œβ€.

β€œHi I’m $coach, your digital coach.”
β€œWhat is your name?” -> free text answer option -> saving answer in $participantName
β€œHi $participantName, nice to meet you!”

The image below shows the solution that my colleague kindly shared (saving the input text as β€˜free text raw’ instead of β€˜free text’):