Start next Session manually in a Daily Basis

We have configured our intervention (after your wonderful video tutorial) so that we can start every day a session and the sessions are set to session-finished at the end of each session.


Now we have a case where we want to jump from one session to the next manually.

We want to give the user freedom of choice if he wants to continue with the session and not necessarily wait a day for the next session to start.

For this we have created a variable named $jumpToNextSession and following decision point.

With this rule we can skip the session but unfortunately the variable $session is not incremented and the session is not set to session-finished.

How can we call manually the next Session?


Hi Ramo, the $session variable is not incremented because the increment rule is placed after / below the jump rule. I would, therefore, not implement directly the jump in the first rule, but would do the following:

  1. Rule 1: Check whether the jump should be performed
  2. Rule 2 (child of Rule1): Increment the session and jump to the other dialog

If you directly jump into another session / dialog, then you would not want session-finished, or? If you still want to change the $interventionStatus variable, then (a) remove the jump of Rule 2 and (b) add a third rule (child of Rule 1 but last child), set $interventionStatus accordingly and then do the jump in that rule.

Does this help?


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