Sign up/Login functionality


Is there any way to register/login a user by using your client app, or do we need to code it ourselves? We want users to be able to register, login from multiple devices, and restore their chat history.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi DomKuhn, thanks for your question.

For now, we didn’t implement a registration/login functionality. We use MobileCoach mostly for interventions that take only several weeks (2-12). The registration is also an additional effort/obstacle for the user. You have to have that in mind. But it is in our longtime goal also to add this feature. In which way or for which goal do you want to use MobileCoach?

I would estimate, that it’s rather a big effort needed to implement those functionalities. If we can help you somehow let us know. :+1:t3:

Greetings Sascha

Hey Sascha,

Thanks for your reply!

I am part of a startup that is planning on using MobileCoach to create a weightloss chatbot app. One of our developers decided to built an own client from scratch, with a registration/login functionality. The registration/login is working but he’s currently stuck with connecting the app to the MC server and accessing interventions.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found any documentation about how to do that. Any chance you can give us some tips about how to do that? He’s now going through the code of the MC client and is trying to understand it. Apparently it’s difficult as several people contributed to the code :sweat_smile:.

The idea is that once we can connect it to the server, we can relate the id of the user in our db with the id of the user in the MC db.

Hi DomKuhn,

Actually I am also part of a research team that also wants some integration of user authentication for our users to use the app. I think we may need to reference these two repositories ( and ) as it seems these are the repositories that really implements the business logic.

Hi Sascha,
Please help suggest if this approach is in the correct direction.