Send time-based notification to individual participants


I want the participants of our chatbot to be able to select the time at which they will receive certain reminders.

So for example, one might wants to receive the “Don’t forget to drink a glass of water” reminder as a notification before “Lunch at 12:00” while the other wants to get it before “Dinner at 18:30”.

Is that possible?

I’m currently only focusing on Android notifications.

Dear DomKuhn,

Have you checked out this video tutorial? This may help you understand how to store particular times (as decimal numbers) in variables and use that variables as a “notification time”.

MobileCoach for Intervention Authors: 9. Timing of Multiple-Day Sessions - Making an Appointment with the Chatbot:

In general, every message from the chatbot is sent our as a notification in case the app itself is not open / running in the foreground.

BTW: You can also use a time picker answer option and store the result as decimal number in a variable. If you have some point-separated values (e.g. $notificationTime=13.75 being 45 minutes after 1 pm), the following command can be used to make it “readable” as a time in a chat message: “See you tomorrow at $notificationTime{#t} o’clock. Your XXX”

This would result in:

I hope this helps? Best, Tobi

PS: Or are you asking about setting up MobileCoach technically so that notifications are sent in general?