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I set up Firebase for my app and it displays notifications if triggered through it. However, I can’t manage to display messages that are sent from the intervention as notifications. I am using a rule on a periodic basis to send a message when the app is closed but am not receiving it as a notification, only as a normal message when I open the app.

I changed the server and client settings as described here and renamed my app as described here and here.

Did I miss any settings?


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Any chance you can help me with that? @Tobi @prabhu


Can you please post the following information,

  1. Push notification settings from file from server.
  2. Logs from tomcat docker when a message is sent.
  3. Problem in Android or iOS?

PS: If it is iOS, push notification permission needs to be given by the user.


Thanks so much for your reply @prabhu!


tomcat log:

We are currently only focusing on Android; hence, the problem only exists on Android for now.



Hi Dominik,

Based on the logs, push notification server does not accept your message. Can you cross check again the android authorisation key in file with the firebase? Screenshot from Firebase would be helpful.

Is "AAAA5dyCXVw: your sender id you used in the app configuration?

PS: After you fix it, I recommend creating new “android authorisation key” and “sender id” as this is a public forum.


I cross checked the authorisation key again. It looks good to me.


Should I have used a different sender id?

What could I do? Create a new authorisation key and try with it? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

I think the issue could be that Android stopped the legacy server key and our framework might have to update it as well. I will look into it and get back to you.


It’s working now! I created a new server key and replaced it with the old one. Thanks so much Prabhu! :blush:

Not sure if it needs an extra thread.

How can I change the time picker to the local time of the participant’s phone? For now, the selected time is stored in a variable but as the server is running on UTC, it will not be triggered at the right time.

Is there any hack to quickly fix that, considering that we might have users from different time zones?