Micro Dialogues -> edit text -> german/englisch

For an intervention in German, when editing texts, I have used the Englisch field/tab so far (I realized too late that there are two options (german/english). Is this problematic once the intervention will be made available to a German speaking public? Or is there an option to copy all text from english to german fields?
Many thanks for your input on this one.

Dear hauu Thanks a lot for this question. There is, unfortunately, no explicit option to copy the intervention content written from one language to another language (that would be a cool novel feature, i.e., for example, a DeepL). However, with the internationalisation feature of the MobileCoach Designer, you can export your intervention in one language and then translate it (which, in your case would be a simple “copy and paste” because you have already the German text but in the “wrong” English language tab) and import the “translated” intervention content into the intervention again. In general, I recommend to set up the MobileCoach server with all the languages of the final intervention and then use the appropriate language tabs, of course. In your case, if you have not yet implemented too much conversational turns, you may switch to the German tab manually. I hope this helps as a next step?

Best, Tobi

Thanks very much. We will use the correct language tab as we are still at the beginning yet.
Very bist, sandi

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