Media Content loading forever on the MobileCoach App

Dear MobileCoach Team,

I have been trying to reproduce the tutorial of this video. The aim was to show MobileCoach users how to embed images in an intervention. I followed step by step the video. However, my image is never displayed on the MobileCoach App. The only thing I see is a loading sign which is loading forever. My image is only 55 KB large and in the right format. Therefore, I do not think that it should take ages to show the picture.
Please find below some screenshots of my MobileCoach Designer interface.

Thank you for your help.

Screenshot 2020-09-28 at 15.06.35

As far as I can see, you have not ticked one of the following boxes:
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Maybe that helps?
Best, Sandi

Hi @hauu,

Thank you for your suggestion. Actually, I tried this before. It is just not shown on the screenshot.

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Hi David, I was not able to replicate the loading issue with the Digital Health Project iOS app (ETH Zurich, Fall 2020, version 1(2), MobileCoach server “dhp5”) on my smartphone, an iPhone from 2018 (see the screenshot attached). What mobile device and which MobileCoach server do you use? Maybe it is a device- or server-specific issue. Best, Tobi

PS: Here is the original file I used

This can happen when the server is not properly configured with “mediaObjectLinkingBaseURL”. Please follow the instructions here ( to set it. So the app is not able to find the image and hence it loads indefinitely. Please contact your server administrator.

An example: For a server with hostname “”, the default looks like below:

It needs to be changed as below:

I hope this change should fix this issue. Linking a similar question in the forum: “Uploaded images not displayed”.

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Great! Thank you @prabhu. Best, Tobi

Thank you very much for the support @prabhu!