Make email address clickable

I would like to add an email link to the chat which upon clicking, automatically opens up a participant’s email application on their smart phone, with our email address pre-filled so they can easily email us. I know what the basic code in html would look like (Your visible link text), but am unsure how to integrate this in MobileCoach. It shouldn’t be a html snipped, but either be part of a text bubble in the chat (such as “If you have any further question, please contact the study team at”, with a clickable link) or in a separate text bubble (as when using the show-web command). Thanks for your help!

Dear Sonja,

Please set the text of the message to “html” on the top left of the “Edit micro dialog message” and then write your text and simply add the following:
"<a href=" for Intervention X"></a>"
We need still need to update the MobileCoach app that a click opens up the email app of the smartphone. We will do so in an upcoming update and will let you know here.

Best, Tobi