Likert slider with categories

Hi MC Team

I would like to implement a likert slider (range from 0 to 10). I would like to store values in 4 categories (0=1/1-3=2/4-6=3/7-9=4,10=5). I tried various ways but did not figure it out. I then would like to send different answers according to the 4 categories.
Many thanks in advance and best!

Hi Sandi,

I am not sure if this is the best way to do so in MC, yet perhaps adding an extra decision point might help? That said, if you are intending to export the response for data analysis later on, I am not really sure whether it is optimal to store the response to a likert slider (numeric 1-10) directly as a 4-group categorical variable. Perhaps it is good to keep the original numeric response, which is likely to leave you more flexibility in data analysis later ~~

Hope this helps~~