Jump to micro dialog depending on "select one" answer


how can I make a decision after a “select one” answer type? I want to jump to different micro dialogs depending on the selected answer.

I tried to write the answer in a variable but it doesn’t appear there, only if I select a “free text” answer type. Is there a system variable that provides the value of the selected field, if yes, which one?

Thanks a lot for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your question. Please cross-check this tutorial video here around 2min and 5s: https://vimeo.com/406920421 So, please use a “select one” answer type and in the answer options field use the format “Answer Text:code” (everything after the colon “:” will be stored into the answer variable). Each additional row represents another answer option. So add more with different codes if required. In addition, setup a variable starting with $ in the “Store message reply to variable” field of the “Edit micro dialog message dialog”. It could be also the name of an existing variable that you have already set up in the Variables tab). Afterwards, create a decision point and configure it so that the content of your decision variable is assessed (e.g. with the “text value equals” comparator) and set the corresponding micro dialog from the dropdown list where this decision point should jump to if the rule result is true.

I hope this helps?

Best, Tobi

That worked! Thanks a lot Tobi!

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