How to disable the "coach selection page"

  1. How can I disable the “coach selection page” after splashscreen at the start of the app? When testing an intervention selection of a caoch takes a long time.

  2. and what kind of coach do you chat with if you switch off the Coach Selection when you start the app?

  3. Does this make the preconfigured user intention for displaying the selected coach name unnecessary?

Hi Ramo,

ad 1: this needs to be done in the react native code of the mobile app, so hard coding is required. Be careful, if you revise that part you should still send a “default” coach intention to the MC server. Otherwise, no coach is assigned in the rule tree at the start of the intervention.

ad 2: (see 1, you have to implement a default behaviour)

ad 3: (see 1).

Hope this helps (high-level).

Best, Tobi

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