Free text is wrongly stored in my variable

When I try to store a response into a variable, and then I call my variable; my response appears with a comma in the front. There was no comma in the riginal response raw text. What is going on?

Dear Ines,

thank you very much for your post on the Forum. Can you share some screenshots of your intervention so that I can have look?

Good luck! All the best,


I called the variable to show you how it stores my text with a comma in the front :slight_smile: Hope the pictures are self explanatory! I can get my intervention running perfectly well, but in my wrong name decision point I need to compare my variable to -,no-, rather than -no- and this is very strange… !

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Student30,

“Select many” stores multiple options. “,no” means that you did not choose “yes” and you chose only “no”. Alternatively if you chose both options, the output variable “$correctname” will have “yes,no”.

I think instead of “select many”, “select one” option should fit your needs perfectly. You will have just “no” in “$correctname” later.

Does this makes sense?


Hey Prabhu!
Thank you so much. Not only does it work now, but it also makes sense!!
Thank you so much for your input :slight_smile: