Appointsment in 2 days

Hi MC Team

I would like to chatbot to come back either tomorrow or the day after, depending on joker days. If participants chose the day after, how can I implement this? Do I need to add something in the Rules or can I work with decision point?

Best, Sandi

You could add a rule in “Execution on DAILY BASIS” that increments a variable by 1 every day. You can then set another rule in “Execution on DAILY BASIS” that opens a micro dialog when the value of the variable equals either one or two (one=tomorrow, two= day after tomorrow), so after either one or two days.

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Thanks for this reply.
So far, in Rules, I have added a session variable that increments 1 if the session is complete.
Before beginning a session, participants can select if they would like to go ahead or wait another day. I have now tried it they way you suggested. It works, but it messes up the whole intervention somehow…I guess I cannot just add this variable (variable equals either one or two (one=tomorrow, two= day after tomorrow)…
Best, S

Dear Sandra,

I imagine that you made this post in order to implement some kind of “joker day” for the patient.

One possible way to do it (I believe that are several of them) is to have a closer look at the video:
In this video, Prof. Kowatsch explains how to create a multi-day intervention. A good starting point would be to think about the role of the “session-finished” and “session-started” $interventionStatus values. One could imagine that this can be extended to a “session-joker” state.
In the Rule widget, you could add a condition that does not look for session-finished but for session-joker and instead of redirecting to the next intervention day, you could redirect the patient to an empty session (by doing so the patient would not get any notification in the following day and this would be the joker day). This empty session would only contain a Decision Point item, that changes the $interventionStatus to session-finished.

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