Adding content to InfoCard- and MediaLibrary


I’m a bit confused on how to add content to the mentioned libraries.

Here I’m totally stucked on how to add elements to the mobile application.
The only reasonable intuition is that those elements are added through the mobile application directly instead of adding them through the web backend.
The only question is how would one do that? (Maybe I should mention that I’m very new to react(-native) and have my roots in other programming languages)

If I’m correct the command “add-video” can be used to add video elements to the media library, at least I receive an error when trying to use it (ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: videoItem), which means the mobile application is at least doing something.
I’ve tried several combinations to add elements to the media Library:
For all the checkbox “This message is a command” is active:

  • Message: “add-video YT-URL [TITLE]”
  • Message: “add-video [TITLE]” + Video uploaded

I would be very happy if someone would explain to me the correct procedure.
If any information is missing or one needs more, e.g. a stacktrace for the mentioned ReferenceError, let me know.